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Ellison, Nicole B.

I am an associate professor in the Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media department at Michigan State University. Currently I'm involved in several research projects. My Research page has links to most of my publications, so please check there for more information. My current research projects include the following:

  • Social Network Sites
    •  Charles Steinfield, Cliff Lampe and I are looking at Facebook use by undergraduates, although we hope to expand our research to examine other populations soon. We have examined the relationship between social capital and Facebook use as well as a host of other questions. Our most recent piece examines "connection strategies" among Facebook users.
    • Cliff Lampe and I have received funding from the National Science Foundation to examine ad-hoc collaborative processes, such as question-asking, in Social Network Sites. More information about our work and research team is available on the TOIL lab site.
    • I also co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication on SNSs with danah boyd.  As part of this effort we wrote an overview of SNSs (history, definitional issues, scholarship overview).
  • Self-Presentation in Online Dating Environments; Issues of Privacy and Security in Online Environments (with Jennifer Gibbs).
  • Deception in Online Dating Profiles (with Jeff Hancock and Catalina Tomas) 
  • The use of Blogs and Wikis in the Classroom (supported by a Lilly Teaching Fellowship from Michigan State University)


Michigan State University, Dept of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media

The department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media (TISM) is all about technology and new media - in research, development, outreach, and in the classroom. Our focus areas include Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Games & Meaningful Play, TV, Cinema & Radio...


Boyd, Danah

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Lampe, Cliff

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Steinfield, Charles

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