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Englebert, Pierre

Areas of Specialization
Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo and other Francophone countries;
State formation, state failure and state reconstruction;
African democratic experiments;
Nationalism and separatism

Refereed Articles

"Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa:   Flawed Ideas about Failed States," with Denis Tull, International Security, 32(4), Spring 2008:106-139

"Let's Stick Together: Understanding Africa's Secessionist Deficit." With Rebecca Hummel (Pomona '03), African Affairs, July 2005, 104(416):399-427.

"Compliance and Defiance to National Integration in Barotseland and Casamance," Afrika Spectrum, 39 (2005)1:29-59.

"Primary Commodities and War: Congo-Brazzaville's Ambivalent Resource Curse." With James Ron. Comparative Politics, October 2004:61-81.

"Patterns and Theories of Traditional Resurgence in Tropical Africa," Mondes en Développement, 2002, 30(118):51-64

"Dismemberment and Suffocation: A Contribution to the Debate on African Boundaries," with Stacy Tarango and Matthew Carter. Comparative Political Studies, December 2002, 35(10):1093-1118.

"Born-again Buganda or the Limits of Traditional Resurgence in Africa." Journal of Modern African Studies, 40(3), September 2002, 345-368.

"Solving the Mystery of the AFRICA Dummy," World Development, October 2000, 28 (10)

"Pre-Colonial Institutions, Post-Colonial States, and Economic Development in Tropical Africa." Political Research Quarterly, March 2000, 53(1): 1-30


Invited Articles


"Souveraineté, sous-développement et le paradoxe nationaliste congolais." Mondes en Développement, 2003, 31(123):63-87. Cliquez ici pour une version non corrigée

"A Research Note on Congo's Nationalist Paradox." Review of African Political Economy, September-December 2002, 29(93/94):591-594

"La Banque Mondiale et les vertus insoupçonnées du 'capital social'." In Les mots du pouvoir: sens et non-sens de la rhétorique internationale. Sous la direction de Gilbert Rist. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France (Nouveaux Cahiers de l'Institut Universitaire d'Etudes du Développement de Genève). Mars 2002, 83-100.

"Le Bouganda: Un presque Etat dans l'Etat." Afrique Contemporaine, 3ème trimèstre 2001, 166-176.

"The Contemporary African State: Neither African nor State," Third World Quarterly, December 1997 (4):767-775


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