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Poortinga, Wouter

I am an environmental psychologist. My research has mainly focussed upon how people respond to environmental and technological risks. My wider research interests are in studying (the interaction between) the psychological and social/environmental basis of people’s health, well-being and quality of life. I have become particularly interested in multilevel modelling and its application to health research and social/environmental epidemiology. My latest research is on the health effects of social capital and cohesion, perceptions of neighbourhood quality, and neighbourhood deprivation. Other interests are in perceptions of indoor air quality (including radon and EMFs); the health effects of the quality/sustainability of housing; and lifestyle risk factors (such as smoking, drinking and physical inactivity).

Selected publications

Pidgeon, N.F., & Poortinga, W. (in press). Risk perception, communication and public policy: trust, openness and institutional innovation. Society, Biology and Human Affairs.

Spence A., Poortinga, W., Butler, C., and Pidgeon, N.F. (2011) Perceptions of climate change and willingness to act sustainably influenced by flood experiences. Nature Climate Change. [pdf]

Bickerstaff, K. Lorenzoni, I., Pidgeon, N.F., Poortinga, W., & Simmons, P. (2008). Reframing nuclear power in the UK energy debate: nuclear power, climate change mitigation and radioactive waste. Public Understanding of Science,17 (2), 145-169.

Pidgeon, N.F., Lorenzoni, I., & Poortinga, W. (2008). Climate change or nuclear power - No thanks! A quantitative study of public perceptions and risk framing in Britain. Global Environmental Change-Human and Policy Dimensions, 18 (1), 69-85.

Poortinga, W., Cox, P., & Pidgeon, N. F. (2008). The perceived health risks of indoor radon gas and overhead powerlines: A comparative multilevel approach. Risk Analysis, 28, 235-248.

Poortinga, W., Dunstan, F.D., & Fone, D.L. (2008). Health locus of control beliefs and socio-economic differences in self-rated health. Preventive Medicine, 46 (4), 374-380.

Poortinga, W., Dunstan, F.D., & Fone, D.L. (2008). Neighbourhood deprivation and self-rated health: The role of perceptions of the neighbourhood and of housing problems. Health & Place,14 (3), 562-575.


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