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Small, Mario Luis

Mario L. Small, Ph.D., 2001, Harvard University, has been at the University of Chicago since 2006. A recipient of the C. Wright Mills Best Book Award (2005 and 2010), the Robert Park Best Book Award (2005), the Jane Addams Best Article Award (2004), and numerous other honors, he has published books and articles on urban poverty, inequality and culture, social capital, interpersonal networks, case studies, mixed methods, community organization, social isolation, college education, the formation of new disciplines, and a host of other topics.

He is the author of Villa Victoria: The Transformation of Social Capital in a Boston Barrio (2004, Univ Chicago Press), a study of a predominantly Puerto Rican housing complex in Boston; Unanticipated Gains: Origins of Network Inequality in Everyday Life (2009, Oxford Univ Press), a study of the networks of New York City mothers; and numerous articles.

Small's work has been published in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Theory and Society, Social Science Research, Annual Review of Sociology, and other journals. He recently co-edited an issue of the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences devoted to the relationship between culture and poverty. He is Associate Editor of the American Journal of Sociology, a trustee of N.O.R.C., and a co-founder of UrbanOrgs.org, a site for new thinking on formal organizations and inequality in urban contexts.


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