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Tesi di dottorato

This section collects PhD theses in the fields on social capital, development and related topics from every social discipline. Sociologists, political scientists, economists, psychologists, anthropologists, epidemiologists, statisticians, and urban planners are invited to submit their theses for publication in this section.

Authors can chose between sharing their whole PhD thesis or just a brief abstract. In both cases, a web page devoted to their work will be posted on this web site, providing the author's contact details, an abstract of the thesis, the Pdf file of the thesis (when it is shared) or the instructions to request the file (when, according to the author's will, the thesis is indexed but not public), a listing of the author's related work.

Theses written in English are appreciated, but also theses in Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, as well as in other languages are most welcome. In these cases, however, a brief English abstract (few lines) should be provided.

Why sharing you thesis?

First, to enhance the dissemination of research in social sciences, and to foster free and extremely rapid communication across the scientific community.

Second, to create the opportunity for authors to exchange qualified ideas on their research work, in order to get chances to make refinements and improvements.

Third, to improve the authors' visibility across the scientific community. This web site is a valuable forum promoting debate on social capital and development topics. It registers an average of 2 thousand visitors per day. The social capital mailing list counts thousands of subscribers including researchers from all over the world. Periodically, theses' inclusion in the web site will be announced through the mailing list. Publicizing your thesis on the web may create the opportunity to be invited to present your work at some conference, or to send a specific article to a journal.

Fourth, to contribute to the work of younger researchers by providing PhD students with useful examples on how to structure and write a PhD thesis.

How to submit your thesis

Please send your documents and any inquiry on this initiative to the email address [email protected]

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