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The Internet and social capital

Important readings

Gentzkow, M., Shapiro, J. M. (2010). Ideological Segregation Online and Offline. Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming

We use individual and aggregate data to ask how the Internet is changing the ideological...

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2014). Online networks and subjective well-being. MPRA Paper 56436.

Does Facebook make people lonely and unhappy? Empirical studies have produced conflicting results...

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2014). E-participation: social capital and the Internet. MPRA Paper 55722.

We add to the literature by conducting the first empirical assessment of how online networking...

Reading list archive

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2017). Online networks and subjective well-being. Kyklos 70(3), 456-480.

We test the relationship between the use of social networking sites (SNS) and a proxy of utility, i...

Safferling, C. (2011). Social Capital and Online Games. Working Paper Series of the Department of Economics, University of Konstanz 2011-32.

We use data from an online game economy and econometric matching methods to test whether social...

Shen, C., Williams, D. (2010). Unpacking Time Online: Connecting Internet and MMO use with Psychosocial Well-being. Communication Research, in press

By unpacking different forms of Internet and MMO use, the present study adopts a nuanced approach...

Williams, D. (2006). On and Off the ’Net: Scales for Social Capital in an Online Era. Journal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationVolume 11 (2)

Scholars investigating the relationship between the Internet and social capital have been stymied...

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