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Feminist Economics: Engendering Economic Policy in Africa

The special issue, planned for online publication in 2014 and print publication in 2015, will bring together new research aimed at challenging and improving economic policies in Africa. More generally, the special issue will provide a forum for feminist economists and scholars in relevant disciplines to analyze the interrelationships among macroeconomic reforms, gender inequalities, and the microeconomic channels that affect the well-being of women, their families, and their communities. The special issue will welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions, and analyses that rely on diverse research methodologies, including statistical analysis. Feminist Economics especially welcomes submissions from African scholars as well as others from the Global South.

 The Guest Editors of this special issue of Feminist Economics are Caren A. Grown, Abena D. Oduro, and Irene van Staveren. In recent years, feminist economists and gender and development scholars have drawn attention to the adverse effects in Africa of policies associated with the Washington Consensus, including trade liberalization, strict anti-inflationary policies, and privatization of government functions. As these policies particularly disadvantage women and the poor, a variety of voices have emerged critiquing their underlying assumptions and renewing efforts to promote alternate pathways to gender equity, wellbeing, and sustainable economic development.

Contributions may cover diverse topics, including but not limited to:

  • Gender and poverty dimensions of macroeconomic policy, aid, and/or debt
  • Enhancing food security and reducing livelihood risks using social protection
  • Ensuring equitable growth and development in post-conflict economies
  • Property rights and how they affect the ownership of assets by women and men
  • Microfinance and the debate over its efficacy for women's empowerment
  • The care economy and the role of social policy

Deadline for abstracts:
Please direct queries and abstracts (500 words maximum) to the Guest Editors, Caren Grown ([email protected]), Abena D. Oduro ([email protected]), and Irene van Staveren ([email protected]), no later than 1 September 2011.

If the Guest Editors approve an abstract, the complete manuscript will be due 1 April 2012 and should be submitted to Feminist Economics through the submissions website (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rfec). Questions about these procedures may be sent to [email protected], +1.713.348.4083 (phone) or +1.713.348.5495 (fax).

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