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Special Issue of Review of Network Economics: Social Networks and Economics

The special issue aims to explore open problems at the frontier of the subject. Papers are invited for the special issue to study any aspect of the interaction between social networks and economics. Topics covered could therefore be, but are clearly not limited to, the diffusion and contagion in social networks, pricing in networked markets, social networks in network industries, and empirical studies on network formation and peer effects. The Guest Editors are Andrea Galeotti and Sanjeev Goyal

Social networks have profound effects on individuals' behaviour and economic outcomes. They are critical for the trade of goods and services. They influence our opinions, which products we buy, how much education we obtain. They shape our political attitudes and our likelihood of succeeding professionally. They are important in determining how diseases spread, and they are essential to understanding the optimal design of organizations and the optimal design of policies based on peer-effects. These premises, which find empirical support in a variety of studies, are at the basis of the recent development of the economics of networks.

Authors should submit their papers by using the Submit Manuscript button in the right-hand sidebar, noting in a cover letter that their paper is for the special issue on Social Networks and Economics. The papers will be handled by the guest editors Andrea Galeotti and Sanjeev Goyal.

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