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Behavioral Aspects in Macroeconomics and Finance

The Conference on Behavioral Aspects in Macroeconomics and Finance will take place in Milan, Italy, on 13-14 November 2014.

Excellence SAFE at Goethe University, Università Cattolica and the University of Amsterdam are co-sponsors of two conferences to be held respectively in Milan this year and Frankfurt next year.

The objective of the two conferences is to bring together academics and policy-makers working on behavioral aspects in macro-finance. The Conferences are organized under the auspices of SAFE and the D3.2 Research Project on Rethinking Economic Policy at Università Cattolica (Milan).

A key motivation for the conferences is to address open issues on the role of behavioral aspects, such as limited information, diversity of beliefs, expectation formation processes in models of macro-finance.

The first conference will focus on the following aspects:

1) Limited information, costly information acquisition, inattentive behavior.

2) Diversity of beliefs, expectation formation mechanisms, learning from interaction with neighbours.

3) Information diffusion in global games and network models, efficiency and stability in complex environments.

THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE for the Milan Conference consists of: Domenico Delli Gatti (Università Cattolica, Milan), Ester Faia (Goethe University Frankfurt), Gianluca Femminis (Università Cattolica, Milan), Michalis Haliassos (Goethe University Frankfurt), Cars Hommes (University of Amsterdam), Maurizio Motolese (Università Cattolica), Alessandro Pavan (Northwestern University).

Keynote speaker

The keynote speech will be given by Steven N. Durlauf (Vilas Research Professor, Kenneth J. Arrow and Laurits R. Christensen Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison).


CONFERENCE DEADLINES: The final program will include both submitted and invited papers and keynote speakers.

Those wishing to present a paper at the Conference should submit by May 15, 2014 to the [email protected]. Decisions regarding acceptance will be made by July 15, 2014. The final version of accepted papers must be received by September 15, 2014.


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