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Local Economic Growth: Recession, Resilience and Recovery

The conference will take place on 11th-12th July 2013 | McGrath Centre, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, UKSpeakers presenting papers are requested to send in a short abstract and title by Friday 31st May 2013.

The Cambridge Political Economy Society is delighted to announce a two-day conference that will bring together current and new thinking on the determinants of local economic growth. It will draw upon and explore a number of alternative perspectives and how these help us to understand the forces that are shaping patterns of economic growth and development at the local level at a time when many local economies are struggling to resume economic growth and prosperity.  The conference will assess the scope for policy intervention and the direction this might take.


The conference will focus on how regions and sub regions in the UK, Europe and the USA have differed in their response to, and recovery from, successive major economic recessions, and the extent to which these differences in response and recovery have affected long-run regional and sub-regional growth paths. A particular focus will be on the current crisis and recession, and how the geographies of this compare to those of the downturns of the early-1980s and early-1990s.   The conference will also contribute to the development of policies aimed at building local economic resilience.

The conference will draw upon research being carried out by a Cambridge-Southampton based team on an ESRC funded project How do Regions React to Recession: Resilience, Hysteresis and Long-term Impacts and conducted under the aegis of the Cambridge-based Centre for Geographical Economic Research. This conference expects contributions from researchers on cognate projects being funded by ESPON, and the European Research Council.  

It is envisaged that papers selected from the presentations will form the basis of a special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, an international journal based in Cambridge, published under the auspices of the Cambridge Political Economy Society.

The conference will attract several constituencies: academics working in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, and the USA; policy representatives of UK Government Departments (BIS, DCLG), the OECD and the European Commission (DG Regio); representatives from the English Local Enterprise Partnerships, and delegates from the business community.


Topics covered in the conference will include:

  1. The long-run empirics of local economic growth
  2. Understanding the determinants of local economic growth
  3. The resilience of local economies to recession
  4. The local impacts of fiscal austerity
  5. Policies for local economic growth


The conference will start at 9.30am on Thursday 11th July and will close on the afternoon of Friday 12th July. Conference sessions are organised over these two days.  Speakers presenting papers are requested to send in a short abstract and title by Friday 31st May 2013.

Costs and Booking

The cost of the conference is £150 for those who just wish to attend the first day or £220 for those attending both days and includes a Gala Dinner on the evening of Thursday 11th July.  Accommodation is excluded from the cost but can be booked at St Catharine’s College. Speakers and delegates are requested to book for this event by Friday 28th June 2013 using the weblink.


Accommodation is available at St Catharine’s College at £77 per night (including VAT) and can be booked using the link here.

Alternatively, there are a number of hotels nearby including those listed below:

  1. Doubletree Hotel (http://www.doubletreecambridge.com/ )
  2. Felix Hotel (http://www.hotelfelix.co.uk/ )
  3. Hotel du Vin (www.hotelduvin.com/Cambridge )
  4. Royal Cambridge Hotel (www.theroyalcambridgehotel.co.uk/ )
  5. The Varsity Hotel and Spa (http://www.thevarsityhotel.co.uk/ )

Further information contact:

If you have any further queries please contact Angela Brennan on [email protected], Ron Martin on [email protected] or Pete Tyler on [email protected]Please follow the link for further details: http://www.cpes.org.uk/conference2013/


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