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Quality of Life: a Challenge for Social Policy

At its anniversary conference that will take place in Bucharest, 23-25 on April 2015, the Research Institute for Quality of Life of the Romanian Academy, invites scholars from various academic units to propose sections. They should refer to the above-announced theme and may address the following topics, although they are not limited to the list below:

·       Quality of life in the contemporary world

·       Social policy as a tool for development

·       Social change in former communist societies

·       Post-transition societies

·       Changes in subjective wellbeing

·       International migration and quality of life.

·       Child protection in a changing world

·       Social relations as safety nets

·       Vulnerability and economic crisis

·       Challenges in poverty analysis

·       Current transformations in family and friendship structure and relations

·       Methodological approaches to studying quality of life.

·       Employment in post-communist societies

·       National interest in a global world

·       Changing social values

·       Employment and gender policy

·       Roma inclusion

·       Social work and its impact on quality of life

·       Quality of housing.

If interested to propose a section, please send the title and the abstract (between 250 and 750 words) to [email protected]. Please also indicate if you already know potential participants interested to present in your section. The deadline for sending section proposals is the 21st of November 2014. The organizing committee will publish the list of accepted sections by the end of November. A call for papers will be immediately released and popularized using the mailing lists available from the RIQL.


Research Institute for Quality of Life of the Romanian Academy

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