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Workshop on Behavioural Economics: Science, Philosophy, and Policy-Making

The Workshop on Behavioural Economics: Science, Philosophy, and Policy-Making will be held in Trento, Italy, on October 17-18, 2013. This is an interdisciplinary two-day session that brings together economists, psychologists, political scientists, philosophers, and policy-makers to assess the scientific basis, philosophical presuppositions, and policy applications of behavioural economics.The deadline for submission is September 8, 2013.

Behavioural economists over the last decade have promoted a new approach to policy-making, informed by the discovery that individual decisions can be heavily influenced by psychological biases and irrelevant contextual factors. This approach aims at improving individual and collective outcomes at low cost, without interfering with the values and freedoms of individual citizens. 

Although “libertarian-paternalistic” policies have been endorsed by regulators in several countries, a number of critics argue that they lack sound theoretical and philosophical foundations.

Plenary speakers

Luc Bovens, London School of Economics 
George Loewenstein, Carnegie-Mellon University 
Samuel Nguyen, Behavioural Insight Team – UK Cabinet Office

Abstracts should be sent to [email protected] by September 8, 2013.

The Call for Papers can be downloaded here.


University of Trento, Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory

The research activity of the Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL) relies on experimental methods to advance the understanding of how human cognition affects economic behavior. Research is conducted in a lively interdisciplinary environments that draws from economics, cognitive...

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