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Health Economics Bergen

Health Economics Bergen, HEB, is a centre for economic research into health and health care. The main objective is to provide knowledge on organization and governance structures of the health care sector. Main fields of research include economic analyses of resource use in health care institutions, and economic evaluation. The programme is based within economics and business administration but emphasises multidisciplinary research cooperation with medicine, health care institutions and other social sciences. Teaching and recruitment of young researchers to doctoral programmes are important scopes of the programme. HEB also participates actively in several international research networks in health economics.

The research programme is financed by the Research Council of Norway (NFR), temporarily for the period 1998-2011. HEB is a collaboration between Department of Economics and Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care at the University of Bergen, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH), and Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF). Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, the Uni Rokkan Centre, at the University of Bergen holds the administrative responsibility.

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