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Illinois State University, Department of Economics

he Department of Economics at Illinois State University has a longstanding reputation for excellence in research, education and community service. Faculty members are engaged in research across a wide range of interests and, based on research productivity alone, the department consistently ranks among the top non-doctoral economics programs. Research seminars provide an opportunity for additional interaction with colleagues and visiting scholars.

Our undergraduate program is noted for exceptional commitment to teaching quality and an innovative curriculum. Additional learning opportunities for undergraduates include the honors program and senior projects. The graduate program offers a Master’s degree with concentrations in applied economics, electricity, natural gas & telecommunications, applied community & economic development, or financial economics.

Department faculty and staff are involved in service to the university, the community, industry and public agencies. The Department hosts the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies (IRPS), a non-profit organization that conducts conferences on issues in electricity, natural gas & telecommunications and provides support for student internships in industry. The Department also is a co-sponsor of the Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development (SCED), which provides internships and assistantships for students in the applied community and economic development sequence.

The Department is a member of the College of Arts & Sciences and our administrative governance structure and strategic plan are available for viewing.

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