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Middlesex University London, Department of Economics

Economists contribute to all facets of life, from design of policy to working for NGO’s, Banks, Charities, etc. Economic skills are in great demand and our goal is to provide our undergraduates with analytical skills to achieve their professional goals. Starting in 2016 we offer a BSc and BA in Economics with several specialist pathways: Quantitative, Financial, Business, Behavioural & Experimental, Development and Industrial Organization. Our students have easy access to faculty and have clear channels to all staff. Our Department also hosts the Behavioural Economics Group (BEC:). BEC is composed active researchers in experimental economics with an international reputation. Based on research output we are 8th in the UK. Recently we have launched a new MSc: Behavioral Economics in Action with strong emphasis on applications to real world problems. We also offer PhD opportunities in the fields of Behavioural, Banking & Finance and Applied Economics.

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