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University of Toronto, Department of Geography and Program in Planning

The University of Toronto's Department of Geography is one of the oldest and largest geography departments in North America. Founded in 1935,  the department is now present on three University of Toronto campuses: the St. George  campus downtown, the Mississauga campus and the Scarborough campus. For further information about geography programs at the University of Toronto at Mississauga and at Scarborough, please use the following links:

University of Toronto at Mississauga, Department of Geography

University of Toronto at Scarborough, Department of Social Sciences, Geography

The three-campus graduate program offers MA, MSc, and PhD degrees in Geography and MScPl and PhD degrees in Planning.  There are over 200 graduate students in the department.  On the St. George campus, the undergraduate program offers programs leading toward both BA and BSc degrees.  Currently there are over 2500 undergraduate students enrolled in geography courses each term on the St. George campus.

Our programs reflect the multidisciplinary nature of Geography. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, students have the opportunity to study their subject matter in a number of different areas including: Biogeography, Cultural and Historical Geography, Economic Geography, Environment and Resource Management, Geographic Information Systems, Physical Geography, Social Geography, and Urban Geography. Students also have a great amount of flexibility in developing a degree program with other disciplines through our collaborative programs with other departments at the University of Toronto.

Our faculty represent a diverse range of research interests. Most of the geography faculty have their own web page with information on the courses they teach and their research, and each faculty member is associated with one or more research clusters.

More information on:

Undergraduate studies in Geography; or contact Ms. Susan Calanza at (416) 978-6455, [email protected]

Graduate studies in Geography; or contact Ms. Jessica Finlayson at (416) 978-3377, [email protected]

Graduate studies in Planning and Urban Design; or contact Ms. Marija Wright at (416) 946-0269, [email protected]

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