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University of Trento, Department of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics here in Trento is recognized for the quality of its teaching activities and scientific research in the study of economics and business sciences, as well as for its global connections with top Business Schools and enterprises around the world. Consistently, we rank among the top Italian Schools of Business and Economics. We have worked hard  to create a modern and innovative structure with a network of services which are continually developing. Special attention is paid to meeting the needs of our students and providing a comfortable, serious and stimulating learning environment. Our programs aim at creating a broad, in-depth knowledge in the fields of economics and management, which will equip

students with the techniques and flexibility to be competitive in the job market both today and, more importantly, tomorrow.  

We are convinced that a wide-ranging background which incorporates both general and specialized knowledge and  abilities is the basis for preparing modern and dynamic professionals.  Whether you are a prospective student, a business professional willing to expand your business insights and skills, or a visitor eager to explore the graduate programs held in the Faculty of Economics in Trento, we welcome your interest and look forward to connecting with you.

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