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University of Warsaw, Institute of Sociology

The Institute of Sociology (IS) at the University of Warsaw is among the leading sociology departments at Polish universities. Its position is reflected in the number of professors and faculty with doctoral degrees, their track record in research, as well as the attractive curriculum and high quality of the teaching programmes, the highly-motivated and active students, and the careers of its alumni.

The Institute of Sociology is part of the Philosophy and Sociology Department at the University of Warsaw. It comprises 12 chairs: General Sociology; History of Sociological Thought; Sociology of Culture; Social Anthropology; Methodology of Sociological Research; Statistics, Demography and Mathematical Sociology; Sociology of Politics; Rural and Urban Sociology; Sociology of Labour and Organisations; Sociology of Education and Upbringing; Social Problems and Social Planning, and Social Psychology. The Institute also comprises the Theory of Social Change Section and the Data Processing Section. As a result of collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, our Department boasts the largest philosophy and sociology library in the country.

The Institute conducts theoretical inquiry, methodological and empirical research in many fields of sociology, with a special focus on transformations of the political system, social awareness, ethnic problems, and problems of minorities in Poland.

The Institute of Sociology holds an accreditation from the Conference of Vice-Chancellors of Polish Academic Schools as a sign of excellence in academic education.

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