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World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research

Institutions are the stuff of social and economic life. Institutions, broadly defined as systems of established social rules, are key factors in explaining human well-being, economic performance and social evolution.

Officially launched in October 2013 WINIR brings together researchers in all disciplines who are devoted to the study of the nature, function, evolution, and impact of the institutions and organisations of economic and social life.

WINIR organises conferences, workshops, and hosted conference sessions around the world. All WINIR events are explicitly about institutions (or organisations), and/or address institutional thought, from any academic discipline.

WINIR is a specialist but global network, set up to complement rather than rival other scholarly associations that have the study of institutions on their agenda. Unconfined to any single academic discipline, it accepts contributions from any approach that can help us understand the nature and role of institutions. WINIR aims to promote creative conversations across disciplinary boundaries in order to build an adaptable and interdisciplinary theoretical consensus concerning core issues, which can be a basis for cumulative learning and scientific progress in the exciting and rapidly-expanding area of institutional research.

Leading pioneers of institutional research are Honorary Presidents of WINIR.

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