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Molina-Morales, X., Larrañeta Gómez-Caminero, B. Martínez Cháfer, L. (2014). Firm's performance through its role and intermediation in the cluster knowledge system: a question of balance.

Wide attention has been given to the development and existence of a “cluster knowledge system” driven by networks of firms’ relations. While firms vary remarkably in terms to their contributions to the “cluster knowledge system” depending on their role as sources, absorbers or mutual knowledge exchangers, their own benefit from these roles in terms of individual performance remains unclear. This paper explores this issue, taking into consideration (1) the performance implications of differing firms’ roles and (2) the moderating effect of the firm’s intermediation in the “cluster knowledge system” on the association between differing firms’ roles and its performance. The paper builds and contributes to both the network and cluster literatures.


Martínez-Cháfer, Luis

Molina Morales, Xavier, F.

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