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Folland, Sherman

Working Papers

Folland, Sherman, and Oded Izraeli, "State Income, Employment, Infrastructure and Well-Being:

Do Party Control and Political Competition Matter?"

Folland, Sherman, "Smoking, Binge Drinking and Social Capital".

Published Papers

Folland, Sherman, "Does 'Community Social Capital' Contribute to Population Health?", Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 64, June 2007, pp. 2342-2354.

Folland, Sherman, "The Value of Life and Behavior Toward Risk", Health Economics, March 2006.

Folland, Sherman, "Health Care in Command Economies", East European Economics, November-December Vol. 43, No. 06, 2005, pp. 31-52.

Folland, Sherman, "The Quality of Mercy: Social Health Insurance in the Charitable Liberal State, International Journal of Health Economics and Finance, 2005.

Folland, Sherman, and Richard Hofler, "How Reliable Are Frontier Efficiency Estimates of Hospitals?: An Application of the Dual to the Homothetic Production Function," Health Economics,  Vol. 10, December 2001, pp. 683-698.

Folland, Sherman and Robbin Hough, "The External Effects of Nuclear Plants:  Further Evidence,"  Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 40, No. 4, November 2000, pp, 735-753.

Hofler, Richard, and Sherman T. Folland, "The Relative Efficiency of Slavery Revisited,"  Applied Economics, Vol. 23, 1991, pp. 861-868.

Folland, Sherman T. and Robbin Hough, "Nuclear Power Plants and the Value of Agricultural Land," Land Economics, Vol. 67, No. 1, February 1991,  pp. 30-36.  

Folland, Sherman and Miron Stano, "Small Area Variations: A Critical Review of Propositions, Methods, and Evidence," Medical Care Review, Vol. 47, No. 4, Winter 1990, pp. 419-465.                         

Folland, Sherman and Robert Kleiman, "The Effect of Prospective Payment Under DRGs on Hospital Market Values," Quarterly Review of Economics and Business, Vol. 30, No. 2, Summer 1990, pp. 50-68.

Folland, Sherman T., and Miron Stano, "Sources of Small Area Variations in the Use of Medical Care," Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 8, March 1989, pp. 85-107.

Folland, Sherman T., "Predicting Hospital Market Shares," Inquiry, Vol. 20, No. 1, Spring 1983, pp. 34-44.


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