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Gidwani, Vinay

I navigated an uneven ideoscape consisting of Marxist geography, neoclassical economics, agrarian studies, and environmental science to arrive at my present home in Geography and the Institute of Global Studies. Close engagement with disparate intellectual traditions, which often disagree on issues of epistemology and politics, has been a source of creative tension. My approach to theory and praxis reflects this. Although I study issues of work, poverty, livelihoods, and agroecological change within the Indian context, my scholarship is defined by research problematics rather than by regional affiliation. I draw liberally on Africanist, Latin American, and Southeast Asian scholarship for insights.


  • post-socialism and justice
  • labor geographies
  • Marxism
  • identity politics and subaltern social movements
  • geographies of work
  • agroecological transformations
  • social theory
  • India


  • The Nature of Work and the Work of Nature: Re-Situating the Rural Labor Process in Western India.. Gidwani, Vinay Krishin, forthcoming.
  • "The Unbearable Modernity of 'Development?': An Essay on Canal Irrigation and Development Planning in Western India.". Gidwani, Vinay Krishin, Progress in Planning, forthcoming (2002).
  • "The Cultural Logic of Work: Explaining Labour Deployment and Piece-Rate Contracts in Matar Taluka (Gujarat) India, Part I and Part II.". Gidwani, Vinay Krishin, Journal of Development Studies, 38:2, pp. 57-108, 2001.
  • "The Quest for Distinction: A Re-Appriaisal of the Rural Labor Process in Kheda Distract (Gujarat), India.". Gidwani, Vinay Krishin, Economic Geography, 76:2, pp. 145-68, 2000.
  • "Labored Landscapes: Agroecological Change in Central Gujarat.". Gidwani, Vinay Krishin, Agrarian Environments: Rule, Resources, and Representations in India, 2000.
  • "India's Nuclear Turn". Gidwani, Vinay Krishin, Economic and Political Weekly, 32, 1998.



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