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SCImago Ranking of worldwide universities and research institutions

The most comprehensive Research Ranking of worldwide universities and research institutions. This year's edition includes 2,833 research-devoted institutions from around the world grouped into Institutional Sectors and World Regions. The ranking includes 4 key performance indicators to evaluate institutions' research outcomes.

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Top 25 world universities

1 Chinese Academy of Sciences CHN
2 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique FRA
3 Russian Academy of Sciences RUS
4 Harvard University USA
5 University of Tokyo JPN
6 Max Planck Gesellschaft DEU
7 National Institutes of Health USA
8 University of Toronto CAN
9 Tsinghua University CHN
10 University of Washington USA
11 Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas ESP
12 Zhejiang University CHN
13 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA
14 Stanford University USA
15 University of California, Los Angeles USA
16 Johns Hopkins University USA
17 Kyoto University JPN
18 University College London GBR
19 Universidade de Sao Paulo BRA
20 Columbia University USA
21 University of Pennsylvania USA
22 University of Cambridge GBR
23 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche ITA
24 University of California, Berkeley USA
25 Osaka University JPN


Scimago Institutions Rankings

Scimago Institutions Rankings is a science evaluation resource to assess worldwide universities and research-focused institutions. The ranking tools and reports measure research activity of worldwide institutions having noteworthy scientific output, including universities, government agencies,...

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