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Civil society in Asia


Essential Web sites

• Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD)
The Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD) is a non-government, non-profit civil society organization working for the development of the deprived and marginalized sector in Orissa, one of the most backward states of India

• Corporate Watch India
Corporate Watch India works to support movements against corporate globalization in India. It provides timely information on transnational corporations to Indian movements, and also educate and mobilize key constituencies in the US and other countries to take action in support of campaigns in India

• Grameen Bank
rameen Bank was founded in 1976 by Mohammed Yunus. It provides microcredit to the poorest of the poor in rural Bangladesh. Its organizational model is replicated all around the world by Grameen Trust

• NGOs working for the restoration of democracy in Burma
A collection of links to NGOs working to protect human and democratic rights in Burma, edited by Earth Rights International

• One World South Asia
The South Asian section of One World project, which aims to foster the diffusion of informations on topics related to human rights, democracy and peace, sustainable development and environment protection

Other Web sites

• Arab NGO Network for Development
The Arab NGO Network for Development is a-religious organization consisting of Arab NGOs and national networks active in the fields of social development, human rights, gender, and the environment.

• Asia-Japan Women Resource Center
Japanese NGO aiming to foster women's quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region

• Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links (APWSL)
APWSL is an independent network of trade unionists and labor activists in the Asia-Pacific region. Its purpose is to facilitate and promote genunine trade unionism in the countries of the region and international links between them

• Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI)
CDRI is a source of independent information on social and economic development in Cambodia

• Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD)
Organizzazione non governativa impegnata nella promozione della partecipazione civica in Bangladesh. Promuove attività di ricerca e di informazione su temi collegati a povertà, politiche pubbliche e sviluppo

• Citizen Coalition for Economic Justice
The Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice was formed in response to the extremely unjust structure of Korean economic life today

• Earth Rights Internationa (ERI)
ERI is a nonprofit group of activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights, the environment, and corporate and government accountability. ERI has offices in the U.S. and Southeast Asia

• Iraqi al-amal association
A non-political association of volunteers actively engaged in projects for the benefit and well-being of the Iraqi population regardless of race or political and religious belief

• Japan Network on Debt and Poverty
Japanese NGO interested in the reduction of Third World Countries' debt and in poverty eradication

• Kurdish Human Rights Project
Non governative organization based in the United Kingdom. It works to protect and promote the human rights of all persons living throughout the Kurdish regions of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and the former Soviet Union

• Mongolian Development Research Center (MDRC)
MDRC is a non governmental organization. Its main objective is to promote the knowledge of development economics in Mongolia

• Pacific Asia Resource Centre (PARC)
PARC is a non-profit Japanese organization committed in international social and economic justice

• Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation
Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) was set up by the government in May 1990 as a non-profit organization for alleviation of poverty through employment and income generating activities. It funds Microcredit Programs of NGOs and other Organizations in Bangladesh

• Philantropy and the Third Sector in Asia and the Pacific
Web site of information on the third sector in the area of the Pacific. It contains many links to NGOs of Oriental Asia and Oceania

• Public Affairs Centre
N on-profit organisation dedicated to the cause of improving the quality of governance in India

• Rural Reconstruction Nepal
Non governative organization promoting social and economic development of poorest rural communities




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