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Civil society in Italy


Essential Web sites

• Amnesty International - Sezione italiana
The web site of Amnesty International's Italian section. Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

• Arci (Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana)
Arci is involved in the promotion and development of the associative system as a factor of social cohesion, as a place for civil and democratic involvement, of affirming the rights of citizens and fighting against any form of exclusion and discrimination

• Associazione Finanza Etica
Associazione Finanza Etica promotes the debate on the economic management of saving, and on the role of saving in social and environmental development

• Banca Popolare Etica
Banca Popolare Etica is a non profit financial institution that funds civil society, social cooperation and the environment preservation

• Emergency
Emergency objectives are to bring medical and surgical assistance to the victims of armed conflict, to enforce the respect of human rights for those suffering the social consequences of war, hunger, poverty and marginalisation, and to promote a culture of peace and solidarity

• Lunaria
Lunaria is a non-profit association that since 1992 has been performing activities of research, training, consultancy and information on several subjects: voluntary service, third sector and immigration

• Mani Tese
Mani Tese is a non governmental development organization operating at national and international level to further justice, solidarity and respect among peoples

• Tobin Tax Ora!
Tobin Tax Campaign is promoted by a national commettee formed by NGOs, trade unions, political parties and people and other organizations belonging to Italian civil society

Other Web sites

• Adiconsum
Adiconsum is a Consumer Association created in 1987 by the initiative of CISL Trade Union. It operates in defence of consumers in full autonomy from firms, political parties, the government and the Trade Union itself.

• Alisei
Alisei is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 1998 as a result of a merger between the Nuova Frontiera and Cidis associations that had been operating since the 80's in the field of international co-operation for development, humanitarian assistance and inter-cultural promotion.

• Associazione Consumatori Utenti
Non profit organization working to protect consumers rights

• Associazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani (AGESCI)
Through its Member Organizations, AGESCI (Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts Association) provides non-formal educational programmes that provides dynamic, flexible and values-based training in life skills, leadership and decision making . AGESCI aims to help young people to become responsible citizens. Its principle is that responsible citizens are responsible for themselves, for their community and for the world at large

• Associazione per la difesa e l'orientamento dei consumatori (ADOC)
Non governative organization working to protect consumers rights in Italy and in the European Union

• Associazione di Cooperazione Rurale in Africa e America Latina (ACRA)

• Aster-x Società Consortile per il Terzo Settore
An agency acting to promote resources and skills of third sector workers. Only in Italian

• Campagna per la riforma della Banca Mondiale
Italian campaing aiming to scrutinise and influence the World Bank and International Monetary Fund

• Centro Documentazione Handicap (CDH)
The core of CDH's activity is getting the disabled people involved, to excite interest in documentation and information about the community, to manage the structure of the Centre, to bridge social and cultural world and regard the disability as strictly connected to wider general subjects

• Centro Internazionale Studi Famiglia (CISF)
The International Center for Family Studies aims to promote a culture of family values based on Christian principles in the context of contemporary society. It promotes scientific research on topics concerning family life

• Centro Maderna
Centro Maderna is a documentation, training and research center which aims to promote an improvement of the quality of life of the elderly

• Centro Nazionale per il Volontariato CNV)

• Centro Siciliano di Documentazione Giuseppe Impastato
The "Giuseppe Impastato" Sicilian Centre of Documentation Founded by Umberto Santino in 1977 was the first study centre on the Mafia in Italy. The name of Giuseppe Impastato, a new left activist murdered by the Mafia on 9 May 1978, was soon added to its masthead. The Centre's purpose is to develop awareness of the Mafia and other similar organisations at both a national and international level; to develop initiatives aimed at fighting such organisations; to debate and to promote a culture of legality, development and a high level of democratic participation.

• CIPSI (Coordinamento di iniziative popolari di solidarietà internazionale)
National network of development NGOs

• Centro Studi Immigrazione (CESTIM)
CESTIM provides information to those interested in gaining appropriate and in depth knowledge of the current migration phenomena, with special focus on the Italian context

• CO.In (Cooperative Integrate)
CO.In is a national non-profit-making association of social utility encompassing 49 social cooperatives. Its mission is to develop professions and job opportunities for the disadvantaged (the physically and mentally disabled and those in danger of social exclusion) through employment-oriented activities of social cooperation

• Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (CISP)
European Non-Governmental Organization based in Italy. It acts in the international cooperation field and in the fight against social exclusion

• Confconsumatori
Independent association working to protect and represent consumers rights

• COSIS (Compagnia di Sviluppo Imprese Sociali)
Merchant bank funding social entrepreneurship in South Italy

• Cittadinanzattiva
Cittadinanzattiva is a civic movement whose members - individuals, groups and networks - share a commitment to ensure that the general public affirm and play an active role in governing society

• Fondazione Italiana per il Volontariato (FIVOL)
NGO providing free services for volunteering activities

• Fondazione Zancan
Independent Italian Research Center on social policies and the welfare state

• Greenpeace Italia
Greenpeace's Italian section

• Melting Pot Europe Project
Melting Pot Europe is a communication project aiming to promote the rights of citizenship for immigrants in Europe. It provides useful informations and resources for immigrants and practitioners involved in immigration services

• Movimondo
Non governative organization active in the fields of the fight against poverty, human rights defence

• No Profit Italia
This website is developed by the non governative organization Eta Beta. It provides useful resources and informations on the Third Sector in Italy

• Peacelink
Peacelink is a voluteering association active in the fields of the defense of human rights and international solidarity

• Sbilanciamoci!
Sbilanciamoci! is a campaign promoted by more than 30 civil society organizations, that analyzes the Italian Government's economic policy, and develops alternative proposals

• Tavola della Pace
Permanent forum gathering Italian associations and local public institutions working to protect peace and human rights all over the world

• Redattore Sociale
Redattore Sociale is a press agency entirely devoted to topic related to poverty, inequalities and non profit activities in these fields

• Unimondo
The Italian section of One World project, which aims to foster the diffusion of informations on topics related to human rights, democracy and peace, sustainable development and environment protection

• Volontariato Online
Website providing useful informations for people involved in volunteering activities



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