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Religion and social capital

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Adamczyk, E., LaFreeG. (2015). Religiosity and reactions to terrorism. Social Science Research 52: 17-29

Although many of the world’s most serious outbreaks of conflict and violence center on...

Iglič, H. (2010). Voluntary Associations and Tolerance: An Ambiguous Relationship. American Behavioral Scientist 53 (5), 717-736.

In the debate on social capital, it is usually assumed that membership in voluntary associations is...

Jennings, C., Sanchez-Pages, S. (2017). Social capital, conflict and welfare. Journal of Development Economics 124: 157-167.

This paper analyzes the role of external conflict as a force that can create social capital....

Torgler, B., Schaltegger, C. A. (2012). Suicide and Religion: New Evidence on The Differences Between Protestantism and Catholicism.

In this study of the persistent social phenomenon of suicide, we find that even though theological...

Wang, L., Graddy, E., (2009). Social Capital, Volunteering, and Charitable Giving. Voluntas 19 (1), 23-42.

This paper explores the impact of social capital—measured by social trust and social networks...

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