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Stato e capitale sociale

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Daniele, G. Geys, B. (2015). Interpersonal trust and welfare state support. European Journal of Political Economy 39: 1-12.

The economic importance of the welfare state has increased strongly over time, which has generated...

Guriev, S., Melnikov, N. (2016). War, Inflation, and Social Capital. American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 106(5): 230-35.

We use weekly data from 79 Russian regions to measure the impact of economic shocks and proximity...

Hooghe, M., Stolle, D. (Eds) (2004). Generating Social Capital: Civil Society and Institutions in Comparative Perspective. New York: Palgrave

Social capital - networks of civic engagements, norms of reciprocity, and attitudes of trust - is...

Huntoon, L. (2001). Government use of nonprofit organizations to build social capital. Journal of Socio-Economics 30 (2), 157-160.

This paper discusses the government use of nonprofit organizations to build social capital....

Rostila, M. (2013). Social Capital and Health Inequality in European Welfare States

This book sets out unique findings on whether social capital influences health and health...

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