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Folland, S. (2005). Smoking, Binge Drinking and the Social Capital of Marriage and Children. Oakland University Department of Economics, mimeo.

The paper develops a model of decision making under risk where the tradeoff between risk and reward is modulated by exogenous changes in social capital. This latter is defined as fundamentally constituted by those significant and beneficial relationships one has in spouse, children, friends and community. The social capital elements studied empirically here are those of spouse and children. The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979, which surveys over 12,000 individuals followed from 1979 to the present, forms the database for the study. Regression and logit analysis of both the levels and the changes in smoking and of binge drinking following exogenous changes in social capital tend to support the hypotheses that social capital will reduce the probability of behaviors entailing a risk of ill health or death.


Folland, Sherman

Working Papers Folland, Sherman, and Oded Izraeli, "State Income, Employment, Infrastructure and Well-Being: Do Party Control and Political Competition Matter?" Folland, Sherman, "Smoking, Binge Drinking and Social Capital". Published Papers Folland, Sherman, "...

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