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World Bank Financial and Private Sector Development

Financial and Private Sector Development is a joint World Bank and IFC Vice Presidency tasked with ensuring effective coordination between staff, business models, and related multi-donor facilities.

World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research

Institutions are the stuff of social and economic life. Institutions, broadly defined as systems of established social rules, are key factors in explaining human well-being, economic performance and social evolution. Officially launched in October 2013 WINIR brings together researchers in...

WZB Berlin Social Research Center

The WZB Berlin Social Research Center conducts basic research with a focus on problems of modern societies in a globalized world. The research is theory-based, problem-oriented, often long-term and mostly based on international comparisons. Our research areas are: Education, work, life chances...

Yale University, Department of Anthropology

The Yale Department of Anthropology was officially founded in 1937 and traces its origins of research and teaching to work done within the Peabody Museum of Natural History (1866) and the Institute of Human Relations (1928).  The Department is home to over 30 faculty and nearly 120 graduate...

Yasar University of Turkey Izmir

The vision of Yasar University is to identify Yasar University as a "boutique university" which is loyal to scientific, ethical and moral values, responsive to global change, practising efficiency as an indispensable part of quality, developing rapidly in a disciplined manner and making...

Zayed University of Dubai

Zayed University is an educational centre of excellence in an emerging and evolving nation. Proudly bearing the name of the founder of the nation – the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – it stands for innovation, inspiration, and education. The University was founded to prepare...

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